BRD Sport G36 Knee Brace

BRD Sport G36 Knee Brace

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BRD Sport G36 Knee Brace

Made in USA30 Day Guarantee
  • Arthritis
  • Instability
  • Ligament injury
  • Osteoarthritis

  • Provide compression
  • Increase activity
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve quality of life

Product Description
  • Three dimensional knit process creates compression and contoured fit.
  • 4 way stretch combined with anatomically designed pattern minimizes bulk and bunching behind knee for a more comfortable long-time wear.
  • Viscoelastic insert surrounds the patella and gives additional support.
  • Self adjusting straps ensure custom fit.
  • Movement of knee adds creates intnermittent compression message
  • Strap system and hinges offers additional control and support
  • Knit process ensures no bunching or pinching behind the  knee.
  • Latex free, light weight, made in the USA
  • Hand washable
  • Sizes S - XXXL

*Carefully read use instructions and warning prior to application.
*If you experience any pain, swelling, sensation changes , or any unusual reactions while using this product, consult your medical professional immediately. 
*Do not sleep in this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know I am ordering the correct size knee brace?
A:  It is important that you measure the correct size.  Make sure you watch the measuring video above. Then
      plug your measurement into the sizing chart below the video.

Q: Will the knee brace slip or move when I walk or run?
A:  The knee braces will not move or slip if properly sized. The three- dimensional knit process contours the
      brace to the shape of your leg. The flexible stays on the side of the brace aid in securely keeping it from
      slipping or moving once in place. You can run what distance or speed, and feel secure knowing that the brace
      will remain in place.

Q: Will the knee brace bunch behind my knee?
A:  No, there is no bunching behind the knee as you might have experienced in other, lower end braces. Our
      uniquely-designed ‘knit window’ in the back of the knee allows the brace to adjust to the contours of your leg
      and spread out appropriately. In fact, users often state they forget that they are wearing a brace at all,
      after only a short time.

Q: How will I know if I have the correct size?
A:  You should use the measuring video and sizing chart from our website in order to identify the correct size.
      A correctly sized knee brace should fit comfortably and snugly, flat against your skin. It should not leave
      significant indentations or marks on your skin. If the brace is too tight you would feel restrictive and
      uncomfortable. If too loose, the brace will not provide significant pressure or compression. Our braces are
      available in six sizes.

Q: Can I wash the braces?
A:  Yes, our braces are fully washable. They are made from natural fibers rather than synthetic materials such
      as neoprene, which permits hand washing. For drying, you should lay flat to air dry. Afterwards, they
      will be as good as new.

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G36 Knee Brace

X Small    14.5" - 16"
Small    16 - 17"
Medium    17" - 18"
Large    18" - 19.25"
X Large    19.25" - 20.5"
XX Large    20.5" - 22"

* Measure the circumference of the leg
5 1/2" above mid-patella.
When measurement falls between 2 sizes
order the larger size.