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The WICKAWAY Towel is a breakthrough in towel technology. By leveraging BRD Sport’s recent innovations in knitting and material science, the WICKAWAY TOWEL uses a proprietary design (WickSUS TM ) to actually remove sweat from your body while you work out.

BRD Sport’s Comfort Touch knitting technology provides an ultra-light weight design that incredibly comfortable. Whether you enjoy running, spinning, cross-fit, or any other workout, the TL-10 will soak up and remove every drop of sweat more quickly and permanently than an ordinary towel. The design also uses antibacterial fibers which limits odor and discomfort and, like all BRD products, the WICKAWAY towel is made right here in the USA. Available in three sizes for every type of user and condition, the WICKAWAY towel will change how you experience your workout.

Product Description
  • Moisture wicking.
  • Ultra absorbent.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Comfortable and ultra-light.
  • Innovative WickSUS TM design.

Our three sizes (S, M, L) are intended to support a variety of uses:
Small $9.99 - 8x14
Med $12.99 - 8x22
Large $14.99 - 11x27

  1. Wearing it during your workout (e.g., on your neck during a marathon).
  2. Covering equipment or machinery.
  3. Attaching it to your belt or gear.
  4. Wash in COLD water, lay flat to dry


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