About Us

BRD Sport team is here to help you!

We have made it our mission to keep people active, healthy and on their feet. Our team is committed to building quality bracing that gives you relief in motion.

Best of all we are proud to be making compression bracing in the USA.

How we started
BRD Sport was born from a “problem”. Our family are avid runners. One day I suffered an ankle injury and needed a brace. I went to the store and to my surprise there were not many options.

Everything on the shelf was made from neoprene, was a cut and sew brace which was low quality or was not going to hold up. The pricing was all over the place but most importantly, the products didn’t really help. I started my mission to find the perfect brace.

We previously were in the sewing machine industry and we were familiar with machinery and materials.  I started to work on making a brace that would be supportive, comfortable, and  aid in the healing process. Most of all it had to offer the kind of compression that would reduce swelling, offer support,  and be functional.  It took time, but after two years of hard work BRD Sport was born in the United States. 

Simple product. Great results
• All our products are made from the best yarns and lycras
• All our products are washable and 100% made in the USA
• All our products are created from a three dimensional knit process which ensure even  contoured fit and targeted compression.
• All of our products are Latex free 

We Stand behind our product 100%
We know how important great customer service is.  We are here anytime to help you find the best brace for your condition!  We believe you are worth it.  We were!