I know if you are checking out our blog you are someone who runs! The big question that runners are always discussing is how do you stretch before a run?

I was very fortunate to cross paths with Anne Finetto at the Rutgers Marathon. She was the first person to buy a G18 Knee Brace at our booth. It wasn’t until after her purchase that she identified herself.

Anne is the Fitness Coordinator of Recreation at Rutgers University. She has a MA from Columbia in Applied Physiology and is a RRCA – Road Runners Club of America certified Runners Coach. Naturally I asked her a few questions and she answered.

We asked her “how do you recommend stretching/warming up before a run?”

Anne Answer:
You should do “dynamic” movements.

That means you DO NOT HOLD your stretch or position. “Stretching is crucial in order to enhance performance and prevent injury but one very important fact about stretching is it should not be done before a warm-up. Stretching cold muscles is like stretching a cold rubber band. Slight tears can occur in muscles if stretched cold. It is not necessary to stretch in the beginning of a workout (after the warm up) but if you would like to, warm up for 5-10 minutes of easy jogging and then stretch said Anne.

Here are her examples of running warp up:
Stationary March – loosens muscles while practicing running mechanics

The Claw – Stretches hamstrings and glutes

Knee Hugs

Traveling Lunges

Straight leg lifts

Butt Kicks

The point of these is you don’t hold the position, you just move quickly through them warming up. If you would like more detailed information regarding the above examples, just tweet us and let us know and we will add it for you.

That’s it for this week. Next week Anne is giving us Post Stretching.

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