BRD Sport fans, friends and fitness enthusiasts everywhere! Join us on the BRD Sport “Back On Your Feet!” Challenge!

BRD Sport is so proud to have an active, enthusiastic community of fans and followers…and we would love to see you all come together to be a support and inspiration to one another and to those out there who haven’t found us. And we want to hear it all in your words.

BRD Sport’s “Back On Your Feet!” Challenge will run over the next 6 weeks, during which we will highlight your personal stories of activity, fitness, injury, struggles, de-motivation, recovery and return.   It has been proven — nothing is more powerful than finding inspiration and motivation among regular folks just like us. Your story, as simple as it may be, will undoubtedly connect to someone out there who is new to the experience…and new to the solution.

Over the past few years, the trend in media and reality entertainment has clearly gone in the direction of utilizing personal testimonials as a way of inspiring and encouraging viewers to improve their own experiences through that of others who have been there. For example, shows like The Biggest Loser, Bravo’sThintervention and Work Out with Jackie Warner and MTV’s I Used To Be Fat, which document the weight loss and fitness journey of everyday people – every struggle, slip up, minor victory, major breakthrough and ultimately, brilliant success. The impact is powerful on the viewer – people just like us can overcome huge roadblocks and change their lives. The news media has also identified the power of the inspirational testimonial with CNN’s “Fit Nation Challenge” orToday’s “Joy Fit Club” segment, during which the success of regular people around the country who have improved their health through weight loss and fitness is celebrated.

And since we are all sharing here, we have found some fantastic information and inspiring testimonials that we highly recommend you take a look at. Let’s call them BRD’s Top Five (ok, Top Seven) Favorite Sites and Segments: @FitFluential @dubyawife @Krisruntri  @SEO_Runner @thismomruns’s “The 2011 Feel Good Challenge”

Many of you found BRD Sport because you struggled with an injury and needed to find something that would help you feel better and get back to taking part in the activities and pursuits you love. We receive tweets daily from people (shout out to our favorite Tweeters…@daddyclay, thanks for your support…we love you!) who want to tell us how much quicker they were to feel better once they finally found us….and how difficult it was to find the right direction they needed to ultimately find complete relief. Your experience is essential in spreading the word and in helping others find the solution …so take the “Back On Your Feet!” Challenge. Please reach out by email, tweet us or Facebook us to share your personal story.

We’re so excited for Philadelphia Marathon health and wellness expo. Stop by our booth and meet
the BRD SPORT team.

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