Happy Holidays! And with the holiday season brings….Winter Training! Athletes on all levels have to employ fresh strategies this time of year so that motivation stays high and commitment doesn’t waver. Personal commitment, that is really what it’s about.

This year we have found a few sites and communities that are striving to make winter training easier. And you know how much we love a Top 5…so here it goes:

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1. Runners World The magazine is challenging readers to stay on course during the holidays through their RW Holiday Running Streak – set the goal of running one mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. It’s simple and doable. And Runner’s World also created a hashtag, #RWRunStreak, with which readers can check in on Twitter and keep the community updated and motivated by one another’s progress.


2. Daily Mile Community – the site offers a selection of winter challenges this season, including the Monthly 150 Challenge from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve and some local challenges in cities across the country.


3. The Nike + Day vs. Night Nike has created a terrific downloadable app that allows you to log in, create teams with friends or even compete by yourself, while your participating friends can cheer you on – such a great touch!


4. BRD Sport Back On Your Feet! Challenge  Ankle injuries are most common among runner and it is important to take special care to stabilize the ankle during your workouts. The ankle is one area in which a compression garment is appropriate as a preventative measure as well, so you should consider being properly fitted with one of BRD’s ankle supports this season – proper ankle care and injury prevention will ensure you stay motivated throughout the season! Share your ankle stories with us this week – give us some insight on your own injury and recovery. And how about our own hashtag to Tweet and check-in with so we can look out for one another: #BRDBackOnYourFeet!.

5. The Challenge to Ourselves Most importantly this season or any time of year, truthfully, is to set our own goals and challenge ourselves in whatever way that we feel individually will improve and maintain overall health and wellness – is it one mile a day? 150 miles by New Year’s? Or as simple as starting each day with a healthy protein breakfast or remembering to hydrate while we are enjoying all of the holiday fun. No matter what it is, let’s challenge ourselves to stay in the game, to stay committed to our own goals.

Our friend Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer of Runners World, said it best on twitter

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