We have a true passion about keeping things where they belong. For us, that includes jobs and materials: Everything from the wonderful, breathable knit material used to make our knee, back, elbow and ankle braces to the spiral steel supports that keep your joints happy and healthy is sourced right here in the USA.

If you haven’t had a chance to figure out where we are, we’ll tell you: We’re in the lovely garden state of New Jersey, and this is where we’ll always keep our development and our manufacturing.


We have many good reasons for doing so, but there are several that are pretty obvious:

  • The closer our manufacturing can be to our corporate offices, the fewer fossil fuels we burn when we go to ship you our product.
  • The more we can keep jobs in New Jersey, the more we can boost the local economy.
  • We can keep a closer eye on our product, to ensure that it’s being made up to our rigorous standards, and to our specifications.

For all these reasons and more, we’re happy and thrilled to be developing and manufacturing our products in a place so close to our home. We traveled the world to learn from the most advanced craftsmen in the world, we always knew that we’d find top-notch talent and quality right here on our shores.

And, although we’re still a small company, we’re growing like gangbusters, and we wanted to do our part by the little thing everyone else is called Corporate Social Responsibility–and that we’re just simply calling Doing the Right Thing.

To us, all it means is making sure BRD products stay Made in the USA, and that we continue to do our part to stay relevant to you and manage to keep our prices fair and our products the best they can be.

Thanks for coming with us on this journey.

What would you like to see companies do to fulfill corporate social responsibility? What steps do you take to ensure your own social responsibility?

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