How are Ankle Braces beneficial in Athletics?

We understand how daunting it will be to search for the best ankle brace, with different options available. Athletes understand the risk of ankle sprains all too well. However, ankle braces can be a godsend if your sport necessitates running, jumping, or playing contact, all of which can lead to sprains and other ailments.

Types of Ankle Braces –

Compression Braces – These braces are also known as elastic braces and are often used to treat mild ankle sprains and tendonitis. These braces are made of lightweight stretchable materials which acquiesce to natural rotation and movement of the ankle. Compression braces are designed to provide improved joint support, enhance balance, and reduce swelling. Apart from this, these braces also help keep the ankle joint warm and decrease muscle stiffness.

Lace-up braces – These braces are semi-rigid and are used to treat mild to moderate ankle sprains. These braces limit the side-to-side and up-and-down movement of the joint. In addition, they provide more support in comparison to compression braces.

Hinged braces – These braces are also semi-rigid; they stop the ankle from rolling laterally but don’t restrict the range of motion in the vertical plane.

Rigid braces – Medical professionals commonly prescribe these braces to aid in the healing process after an ankle sprain or stress fracture. Rigid ankle braces are made from hard plastic that expands up either side of the ankle and is secured with the help of Velcro straps.

Benefits of ankle braces-

Ankle braces are beneficial for athletes in the following way –

Reduce the risk of injury –

If you have an ankle injury, you must provide your ankles with extra support to lessen the risks of future injuries. Apart from this, you can also use ankle support as a preventive measure against sustaining injuries. In addition, Ankle braces aim to give external support to limit inversion and heighten athletes’ awareness of how their ankle joints should be positioned during play.

Helps to calm pain & swelling –

One of the most common of all ankle sprains is when the ankle rolls on the side resulting in intense pain. For this type of injury, the patient must wear an ankle brace with metallic supports on the outer part of the brace. Ankle braces support the injured ligaments and tendons and calm down the pain and swelling caused due to the muscular sprain. The inside and outside of your ankle will need support if you have a sprain that causes your ankle to roll outward.

Prevents bone separation –

The most crucial form of ankle injury is when all ankle sprains fibular and tibial bone separate. Ankle tapes and braces can be used to lessen any extreme anatomical motions as well as strengthen muscle activities in the ankle region. With this in place, there is little chance of severe injury or bone breakage, and the experience will be safe.

Offer a controlled range of motion –

One major reason ankle braces have gained so much popularity over the years is that they have proved effective in restricting the eversion and inversion range of motion. Apart from this, it is also crucial to understand that ankle braces do not impact or limit sharp motion. You can jump, run or exercise with free movement wearing ankle braces and your performance remains unaffected by using tapes and braces.

So, this is some of the most important information about ankle braces. So, if you are searching for the best ankle braces, look no further than BRD Sport. Then, consult our team at (732) 238-5479 regarding your requirement.

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