What can be tough this Season, when it comes to running from errand to errand and hitting the mall for the tenth time in a week, is staying healthy, and keeping your diet on track. When you are strapped for time, it is always tempting to grab a candy bar or some chips off the shelf or snack on cookies with your coffee on your way out the door. But even when your workout is just a dash from store to store, it is important to be properly fueled and hydrated. The last thing you need is to be weak and cranky, or having difficulty moving quickly.

Though many meal and snack options at the Food Court aren’t the most nutritious choices, there are often fresh fruit smoothies, salad bars and grilled chicken sandwiches to be had. We like to leave the house with a power packed breakfast any time of year – berries, nuts and grains abundant with antioxidants help you stay strong and fight off all those winter germs floating around. Egg whites mixed with last night’s leftover broccoli or garlicky spinach is one of our favorite go to dishes and keeps us full and strong well past our noontime snack. We have even been known to roast up sweet potatoes for dinner and the next morning we warm, mash and mix them with cinnamon, chopped roasted almonds and a little plain yogurt. Easy, satisfying and rich with nutrients – you can’t go wrong!

And just like on your run, it is always smart to wear the right shoes, your favorite, most supportive sneakers are the best choice. And if you are feeling a sore knee or twisted ankle flaring up, we can’t help but remind you to wear your BRD orthopedic support to avoid further injury. Shopping is a sport! Also, always bring along bottled water to sip on as you make the rounds. Hydration is always important, but when the body is stressed with lots of activity, water can keep you clear, focused and safe. We love some of the new “green” water bottles on the market, not only to carry around with us on all our stops, but they are great gift items and stocking stuffers as well. A few of our favorites this season are:

  • Camelbak Better Bottle – all purpose, easy to carry, minimal leakage
  • Klean Kanteen – sleek and light, accommodates cold and warm liquids
  • Platypus Platy Bottle – bare bones and easy to pack

We want to hear your favorite tricks for staying focused and strong during the holiday rush. Email, Facebook or Tweet us today!

Happy Holidays! Stay safe and nourished, and enjoy this wonderful season with those who mean the most to you.

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