It’s February – the month that has Valentine’s Day and a lovely three-day weekend right smack in the middle of it. It seems like a pretty harmless month. Yet for me, it’s not quite the case. You see, every February I find this same “thing” happening to me: I come down with a full-blown case of the “blechs”, my version of the blahs, the yucks or whatever you want to call it. It’s that lethargic feeling inside of you that makes it harder to spring out of bed and face the day with energy and positivity, and get to your beloved workout. That’s the “blechs”.

Sound familiar?

The worst part about the “blechs” is that they affect all facets of my existence. I am less focused in my work, less motivated to try a new recipe, and uninspired to kick butt at the gym. It stinks!

So this year, starting in late January, I decided to be my own personal guinea pig (okay maybe my hubby too!), and take a close look at my diet and day-to-day routine to see if I could find a way to beat these winter “blechs”.

After a few weeks of experimenting with different ideas and recommendations I have successfully beaten the “blechs”. My energy and motivation levels as well as my focus are in top, warm weather form!

I want to tell you all about the secrets I’ve uncovered to help you, too, rev up your winter and learn how to eat for out of this world energy!

Here are my top 3 tips to get you started:

1.BREATHE!! I know this one may sound super simple but taking those extra, deep, lung cleansing breaths throughout my day helps give me instant focus. When we get wrapped up in our day-to-day lives and start to feel stress the first thing to go is our oxygen supply. Yes you are still technically breathing, but not as deeply as your body needs to battle the stress and maintain focus. Your body needs slow deep breaths that completely fill out your lungs. Put a post-it note with “BREATHE!” in caps on your desk and anywhere else it may benefit you for the next few weeks. You can even set a vibrating alarm on your cell phone. Anything to bring your attention to your breath a few times each day. I promise it will make a big difference in your energy levels.

2.Eat real food! When I’m feeling low on energy my instinct is to grab that quick sugar or caffeine fix. Unfortunately those foods do not nourish me but instead lead to an even harder crash! Ahhh! Instead I’m focusing on dense whole grains that burn low and slow providing steady and long-lasting fuel for my body and my workout. I like quick cooking steel cut oats in the morning to help me glide through till lunch time and a grain salad with plenty of greens for lunch, just like my “Kitchen Sink Quinoa” recipe at And if I am going to opt for an afternoon sweet treat, I’ll east some dried Medjool dates with a little almond butter. Try it – it tastes like nature’s snickers! Pack these foods in a fun on the go containers so you can always have them with you. These are great:

3.Natural Food-Mood Boosters! Nature is filled with tons of foods that help provide an abundance of energy and elevate moods. Sunflower seeds are packed with ingredients (magnesium, iron, copper, protein, vitamin B complex, EFAs and zinc) for an instant energy-pick-me-up and they are so easy to carry around in a little Ziploc snack baggie. Other great food-mood boosters include all types of sprouts, parsley, flax seeds and wheatgrass. Most people, including me, are deficient in B vitamins which can leave us feeling extra blech. I recommend taking a high quality vitamin B complex with at least
100 mg of B12 once a day especially during the winter.

Follow these top tips for energy that will not only give you more clarity and focus but help you feel beyond jazzed to start your day.

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