It’s not just the New Year, it’s a new beginning too! Every year everyone talks about their New Year’s resolutions —new processes and plans and ambitions and improvements they want to execute or make or reach.

Most fitness professionals agree that setting small, reachable goals keep their clients on track and committed to their health and fitness regimen at a higher rate than longer term objectives do, so many are helping clients set more realistic goals this year.

mary intense training

Starting January 1st, Master Trainer and Owner of Mary’s Intense Training (MIT, LLC) in Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes, NJ, began posting short daily reminders and suggestions on Facebook and Twitter such as “Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. Clean living starts today. Tip…Green tea after every meal and a grapefruit for a snack will help get rid of that holiday bloat. Enjoy!” and “GO GREEN at every meal. Add a variety of veggies in at every meal. This will increase fiber and fill you up while eating fewer calories.” Cerami says the daily communication is essential in keeping clients engaged and informed, not to mention the extra support and attainable success each tip or “daily goal” offers her clients.

In March I am running my first half marathon and I am really excited to work towards and reach this goal. I train by working out four days a week with a mix of Elliptical, Pilates, and spinning. Regardless of the stage of life I am in, I have always adapted my workout regimen to fit that lifestyle. I remember when I first started working out at while a student at Syracuse University — it was a hobby back then, and it was fun going to the gym with friends. In my twenties I lived in New York City and I joined Road Runners — I ran loops around the river training for my very first 5k. And now, in setting healthy standards for our family, I try to stay active with the children as well. This weekend we went ice skating for two hours and it was so much fun…our hearts were beating, blood pumping and we expended tons of energy — it was a blast and felt fantastic! We all slept well that night.

So whatever goals you set for yourselves this year, the most important thing is to feel successful and accomplished at the end of the day. Remember to let us know what you are striving for this winter, and maybe we can support and inspire one another along the way. Remember to stretch thoroughly before each workout, particularly before you hit the cold, winter morning air. And of course, we at BRD Sport want you to stay healthy and active and on track this year regardless…but if you are injured, we can help, so do not hesitate to reach out.

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