Staying Active in the New Age of Covid-19

With many Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, we are entering a new phase of the Covid era; one that makes it even easier for us to do the things we love. The past year hasn’t been easy on any of us, so it is refreshing to welcome this new era as restrictions lift. Here are some tips to safely and comfortably stay active during this time! 

Hit the gym – Now that restrictions are being lifted, gyms have reopened and mask mandates are being lifted. The safest way gyms are doing this are by keeping social distancing in place at machines and continuously sanitizing stations. Exercise comfortably while being mindful of others!

Learn a new sport – Tennis, Baseball and Rollerblading are just some of the many sports you can introduce yourself to this season. What better way to get active and socialize than to join a couple of friends in learning new sports? Check out these 6 Tips for Starting a New Sport to get you motivated. 

Biking – Biking can help you increase your strength without taxing your joints. For those of us who aren’t fond of high impact cardio like running, biking is a great alternative to get exercise in and spend time outdoors.  

Outdoor Group Yoga – One thing a lot of people miss are their weekly exercise courses. Get back to your weekly groups with outdoor Yoga classes! The best way to participate in group Yoga is outdoors, especially in this gorgeous weather. Grab a mat and breathe that fresh air!

For those of you who aren’t quite ready to ditch the masks and get back out there, we’ve listed some covid-friendly at-home workouts.

Body weight exercises – Most of us don’t have an at-home gym or equipment, but you can still train using your own body weight for a full workout. 

Walking and jogging – Easily get your cardio in by walking or jogging around your neighborhood. Make up your own route and have fun with it!

Yoga – Yoga can easily be done in your home, backyard, or anywhere you want. Not sure where to start? Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Home Yoga Practice!

With restrictions lifting left and right, brighter times are ahead! However, it is important to remember that those who are not vaccinated are highly encouraged to continue to wear a mask and social distance.

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