Summer Water Exercises for Arthritis

4 Summer Water Exercises for Arthritis!

Are you suffering from arthritis? The idea of jumping into the pool and swimming some butterfly laps does not sound appealing. That much repetitive motion is not beneficial for joint pain and inflammation, can it? Not necessarily. Summer water workouts not only help relieve arthritic joints but also burn calories for folks who want to get back into swimming or learn new and practical exercises. Please have a look!

Water Walking –

  • Walking in a pool avoids many of the uncomfortable aspects of walking with arthritis, such as excessive perspiration and uneven surfaces.
  • The buoyancy of water lessens the impact on your joints.
  • Due to the resistance of the water, walking in the pool can also help you burn more calories than regular walking.
  • Pools with a temperature between 82 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit can help lessen arthritic pain.

Front Crawling –

Are you ready to step it up a notch? Front crawling is a great way to exercise the body’s joints! This activity is excellent for rheumatoid arthritis since it stretches and exercises the entire body. One needs to start these swimming laps very slowly. Start with one or two laps in the beginning. As your body gains strength and you become more comfortable in the water, gradually increase the number of laps you swim.

Water Aerobics –

Water aerobics classes are offered at many local recreation centers and swimming pools and are highly recommended for arthritic joints. Although aerobic workouts are often performed in chest-high water with captivating music playing in the background, they are one of the best exercises for stretching the joints.

If you’ve never taken a moderate aerobics class, you may find it a little intimidating. Water aerobics, on the other hand, is popular among individuals who seek an alternative form of moderate exercise that helps alleviate joint pain.

Backstroke –

The backstroke stretches and strengthens an individual’s back while doing the same for the arms. This can be an effective light exercise if you are suffering from an arthritic problem in the elbow or ankles.

It is suggested to begin slowly by merely completing a few laps. As you build strength in your body and get more comfortable in the water, moderately increase the number of laps. Be sure to learn the basics of backstroke before getting into the pool.

So, these are some of the most important summer water workouts for relieving arthritic pain. However, before engaging in these water workouts, it is strongly recommended to use protective gear to avoid straining and injuring the muscles.

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