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3 Creative Ways to Get in 10,000 Steps Daily

With National Wellness Month approaching in August, BRD Sport wants to hone in on the importance of physical wellness and inform you how you can remain active throughout the summer and beyond. As the saying goes, movement is medicine. And guess what? You can determine your own […]

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Spring has arrived and we have all had a crazy winter

Spring has arrived and we have all had a crazy winter. We have been in various degrees of isolation and huge changes in our daily lives. So now it is spring, a time of rebirth and looking forward. As we begin to venture outside, armed with our […]

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10 Tips for Winter Running

1 GET MOTIVATED It’s easy to lose motivation during the cold, dark, snowy winter months. The best way to stay motivated is to use the buddy system. Having someone to hold you accountable will keep you on track towards your running goals. 2 DRESS FOR THE WEATHER […]

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