3 Ways to Give Back this Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month occurring in October, BRD Sport encourages you to get involved, whether that’s looking to your own health or helping out others with their health. So, where can you begin? We’re here to help provide some valuable tips that are worth reading, sharing, and doing:

Give back to yourself by checking in the status of your own health.

This sentiment goes well beyond this month, as you should always be your #1 priority. Giving back to yourself can be interpreted in many ways, like sleeping 7-8 hours each night, exercising more frequently, spending more time with friends, or eating healthier foods. A routine filled with less stress, moderate physical activity, and more nutrient-dense foods has been linked to a healthier and stronger immune system, ultimately lowering your risk for infections and diseases. For females, this month may serve as a reminder to do a breast self-exam or schedule an appointment with a doctor. Bonus points if while checking in with yourself, you also check in with your friends and family members to ensure they’re on top of their health.

Give back to the cause by volunteering.

With the power of technology, it’s possible to volunteer at places both near and far. Remote opportunities may include participating in virtual walks, like the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, or working behind-the-scenes to plan and promote a big fundraising event. By volunteering, you’re able to further honor breast cancer survivors and caregivers and learn about and promote prevention and detection to help reduce the disease.

Give back to organizations that are taking donations.

Every dollar counts towards helping end breast cancer. There are many breast cancer awareness organizations out there to donate to and oftentimes to help support them, businesses in other industries will put together their own campaign. For instance, the whole month of October, a portion of sales from BRD Sport pink products will be donated to the Susan G. Komen organization.

Giving back is rewarding, and something we hope you do with us throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here at BRD Sport, we are all about 100% made in the USA athletic braces, socks, and face masks that can help keep you moving and experience relief in motion. Now, let’s go 100% into making an impact for anyone who currently has been affected or who is being affected by breast cancer.

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