Hi, this is Daniela Walsh, DPT sending out a spring and summer greeting to all our active followers! I am keeping active and even more so as my little ones are active in different sports such as soccer, basketball, golf, skiing, dance and snowboarding and just being “playground athletes.” Now that the winter sports are behind us and it feels like summer, so many of my patients are looking forward to getting back outside again and resuming the activity that makes their heart race in more ways than one. I know that running is a very popular sport and it is always great to review possible injuries with treatment options.


We get emails every day from our customers about different running injuries. We’re here to break it down for you! Dr. Daniela Walsh gives her insights on injury and goes into extensive detail on the most common running injuries.

Top Running Injuries

As running is physiologically the most efficient way to be conditioned, it also takes a toll on the body.  The repetitiveness of the activity makes runners vulnerable to “repetitive trauma” injuries as well as “acute” injuries. The chart below includes the TOP Running Injuries along with their definitions and treatment options. Hopefully all the diagnoses on the chart remain foreign to you and your body!

IT Band Syndrome Sharp lateral knee pain at a predictable distance during run
Treatment RICE, MD, PT, Heat before activity, Stretching
Compressive/Bracing Option Thigh wrap or knee brace

Knee Bursitis Inflammation of bursa sacs between tendons
Treatment RICE, MD, PT
Compressive/bracing Option Compressive knee brace

Runners Knee (chondromalacia) patella alignment “off track”
Treatment RICE, MD, PT, muscle balance
Compressive/bracing Option Strap or brace to assist with proper patellar alignment

Muscle Pull Hamstrings, quads, Calf, and groin
Treatment RICE, muscle balance
Compressive/bracing Option Compressive shorts, thigh wrap, clf wrap

Muscle Cramps Muscle overload and Electolyte Deficiency
Treatment Massage, stretching, improve bloodflow
Compressive/bracing Option Compressive shorts, thigh wrap, calf wrap

Shin Splints Strain of muscle in front of shin
Treatment RICE, stretching
Compressive/bracing Option Calf wrap

Achilles Tendonitis Strain of the tendon that connects calf muscle to heel
Treatment RICE, MD, PT, stretching
Compressive/bracing option Ankle bracing with arch support or padding

Ankle Sprain Injury of the ligaments that provide support to the ankle
Treatment RICE, PT
Compressive/bracing Option Ankle bracing with or without extra strapping for support

Plantar Fasciitis Pain and inflammation in the fascia or Tendon that runs along the bottom of the foot
Treatment RICE, MD, PT
Compressive/bracing Option Foot support bracing
RICE= Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
MD= Dependent upon severity, see a medical doctor
PT= Dependent upon severity, see a physical

*Not all braces provide compression. Adding consistent compression circumferentially, maximizes the body’s


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