Now that the weather’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter I have to admit it’s hard to commit to a frequent run schedule.

Snow Boarding

Besides transitioning into more indoor classes and less running, I’ve taken some tips from my friend, Erica, a personal trainer and triathlete on how to maintain my running fitness outdoors during these colder months.

For the days I’m still hitting the pavement I always head these pointers from Dr. Erica Lofaso, PT.

1. Make sure to warm up before you run. Dynamic stretches done inside will help get blood flowing to your muscles before stepping out into the cold.

Dynamic Stretches


2. Dress like its 20 degrees warmer but always keep your chest warm.

3. Take it down a notch – speed is not something to be focused on during cold weather running – it is more about maintenance. At colder temperatures your body has to work harder to maintain your core temperature; more energy is expended doing this rather than focusing on performance of your run.

4. Last, but not least, make sure you drink! Just because it is cold does not mean your body is not using water. You sweat less in colder temperatures however your body counteracts an increase in blood pressure from the cold in the form of more urine. It is easy to become dehydrated in cold weather!

Winter doesn’t just mean cold though. Since the days are shorter there’s also a greater concern for safety. Though everyone loves a good tune for motivation we hope you’re all staying aware of your surroundings and really recommend going unplugged when it’s dark out.

If you don’t have any reflective gear – get some! Most apparel comes with a few reflective spots but if you’re consistently running when it’s dark you should be going out with a reflective vest as well.

If you have any other tips we’d love to hear them!

Hope everyone stays warm & safe during their winter workouts!

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