A friend of mine called the other morning and in catching up she told me that she and a group of friends are running the Rebel Race this July in Upstate New York. I was a little surprised, must admit, because this friend is rarely the one signing on for organized, active adventures with large groups. She’s more the type to take a brisk morning walk or a hike on the weekends. The Rebel Race is no joke – participants test their physical endurance by tackling military style obstacles including barricade-climbing, mud-crawling, rope-swinging and fire-jumping.   I told my friend how impressed I was, and she told me she was kind of scared, and needed some advice as to what type of training she should do. Wow…the million dollar question! I couldn’t possibly be qualified to answer because from the sounds of the Rebel Race, it requires boot camp and a drill sergeant! I gave her a few tips and then told her no matter what she does to train, she should be sure to remember BRD Sport will be there to help if she hurts herself during the mud crawl!

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I have been training hard for my first half marathon coming up this Spring, and I am motivated and committed and very excited to take part. Still, sometimes coming up with new and exciting ways to switch up my training routine can be a struggle. Without fail each week I get my two hours on the ice skating rink with my family. I have also started working in a yoga class once a week, which has helped me with my flexibility and breathing. I love the elliptical and do about 40 minutes per workout, but I have been finding it a little more difficult than I expected when attempting to increase my time. Am I exhausted, at my limit or, dare I say, bored? I have taken it to the streets too and am training outside a few times a week…and I am finding that it is invigorating, but still, that endurance needs to be tested and I am still working on increasing my time and mileage each week. Clearly, I need inspiration.

I would love some new ideas on ways to mix up my outdoor workouts – should I be concentrating on hills more? Should I spend more than an hour or two a week working on strengthening with yoga? And what about the increase – am I ever going to get to a point where it feels natural and simple to do?

What events are you training for this Winter? Is anyone else taking part in a Rebel Race-type challenge? What are the benefits and did you learn anything in particular about your endurance? And is the training regimen more aggressive for an activity such as that? Send me your thoughts and ideas…tweet or Facebook us…help me guide my Rebel friend and help me move to the next level!

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