Proactive Usage of Bracing in Sports

Have you ever wondered what the benefits are to wearing a compression brace during gameplay? 

Whether you are coming back from an injury or wanting to get a jump on injury prevention, here are some benefits to using braces in sports.

Get back in the game post-injury. Proactive bracing in the short term allows you to return to play without the likelihood of aggravating your injury. For example, when recovering from a knee injury, good rehabilitation and a hinged brace can allow a player to be back within as soon as six weeks. By limiting movement of the affected joint, there is more room to allow for healing. Braces facilitate your return to gameplay.

Injury prevention. You don’t need to be injured to wear a brace in sports. Compression braces provide extra support and stability to ensure comfortable game play. These braces are designed to keep you active while improving your function.

Protection against chronic injuries. Many players worry that they cannot play as well with a functional brace which is not the case. These braces do not just prevent ankle, wrist, and knee sprains; they aid in providing protection against unexpected chronic injuries. 


Pain reduction and improving performance. It is no secret that we as athletes experience pain from time to time whether that be knee pain, ankle pain, or general achiness after a long day of action. Bracing aids in reducing pain which improves performance. By limiting our swelling and inflammation, we are limiting our pain. By reducing our pain, our muscles are working closer to their mid-range where they are most powerful, and therefore more efficient. 

References: “Bracing vs Athletic Performance: Why not Both?” Lower Extremity Review Magazine

The opinion expressed in this column is not intended as a substitute for medical professional direction, but is to be used for informational purposes only. A physician should always be consulted for any health problem.

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